Mama maybe the AC was too high on the plane and his footsies got cold.


LOL!! Then how bout lose the high waters and then his ankles would be doubly warm! LOL

Mama have you flushed the trolls today?

Last story was a cop out. What you really think? Do you persoanlly think she pregnant or not?


Ok, let me start by saying…Congratulations, you caught me on not such a great day, so be warned!

First, “what do you really think?”  What you are you referring to?  There are nine of us here, so exactly who is it that you would like to give their personal opinion?  We all have minds of our own and I can assure you…we all use them, think for ourselves, and have varying opinions on all kinds of topics.  Maybe you should try it and not be so concerned with where others stand.      

Second, what makes you think you’re entitled to our personal opinions?  Last I checked we never stated that this was a place where we would share them.  As a matter of fact, I’m quite certain that we’ve made it clear that madloveforrk is a place to find Rob/Kristen RPF…(F stands for FICTION, just  in case you weren’t aware).  At no time have we taken sides or let our own personal opinions shine in this forum, except for maybe requested Q&A’s when we shared our favorite desserts and fanfics.  We have written all kinds of situations with different views and outcomes and shockingly, not all of these were exactly how we believe things happened or will happen, JSYK.  We write FICTION to fill requests…that’s it. 

Lastly…I’m speaking for myself here…I can assure you that my personal opinions and what I think are something I don’t share freely all over the place.  I don’t do it on my personal tumblr nor on my twitter, so don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen here either.  Unless I talk to you on a personal level, ie: email, dm, whatsapp, kik, or on the phone, you will probably never know exactly where I stand because it’s not my responsibility to try and make others see things the way I do, nor do I have the desire to fight, piss and moan with people who don’t agree.  Another shocker…I talk to and get along with people on different sides of situations…How can I do that you ask?  I believe I am entitled to my thoughts, others are entitled to theirs and I respect people.  Yep, even those who don’t think exactly like me…GASP!   Imagine that!  What a concept!  Other than knowing that I ship them and want nothing but the best for them, I don’t plan on publicly taking sides on anything RK related.  I have enough RL stuff going on to worry about fandom drama on top of it all.    

So, ANON (who didn’t share where you stand on the situation either)…We wrote both sides of the coin, take your pick on which one you’d rather believe, but just remember…It is FICTION

Have a great day!


Bravo Chris!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am thankful that you all choose to share your wonderful writing talents with you. If someone is in the mood, could you write a “where’s Rob?” Story :)

Still here!


Hi everyone, 

I love that you all love madlove so much and I understand that you all are anxious for updates.  I have received multiple messages on my twitter requesting that we post something soon, but my mom passed away on Wednesday and I just can’t write at the moment.  I promise, we’ll be back…I just need some time.  

<3 Chris 

Sorry for your loss. Take care.


~Hi! Could you write about Kris going on the Red carpet for a premiere of one of Rob’s movies, everyone thought they had broken up months before but Kristen debuts a gorgeous gown and an engagement ring, and the media goes crazy! Thanks!

“Tara outdid herself this time,” Rob breathed as he took in the sight of her again. 

“She did good,” Kristen answered flatly as she stared out the window of their SUV and twisted the ring on her left ring finger. 

“Are you still freaking out?”  He asked and draped his arm around her shoulder so he could pull her against his side. 

“It’s just so public and once we do this, there’s no going back and it’s just so…” she trailed off and drew her bottom lip between her teeth. 

“Don’t,” Rob warned.  “You’ll get lipstick on your teeth.” 

Releasing her lip, she brought her finger to rub any lip color from her teeth and gave him a goofy grin so he could check and make sure she was clear. 

“You’re good,” he nodded and brought his thumb to rub the corner of her mouth where some of her lip stain had smeared.  “You’re perfect.” 

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Loved it! Can we have part 2 with a Josh from MTV interview?